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As a burgeoning firm, Scovan realizes the importance of past performances that speak to our abilities, innovation, technology and the structure of our company. The following case studies will provide an insight into these areas.

Scovan is built on innovation. It’s what makes us unique. We’re extremely proud of the new ideas and processes we’ve implemented by making information available from anywhere at anytime; utilizing 3D models for fabrication and assembly – therefore reducing engineering time, improving schedules and now electronically applying P.Eng stamps. In addition, the company has made a unified effort to reduce paper and streamline our processes by digitally distributing drawings and performing all document reviews and mark-ups electronically.

We generate winning solutions by creating fresh and innovative methods to deliver real-time results. Our diverse teams of designers and engineers bring a high level of value, confidence and assurance to every job. We provide the option of mobile CADD shacks with trained professionals at locations where fabrication and assembly is taking place. This helps train and mentor contractors on how to access information and provide answers to questions in an extremely efficient manner. And as part of our improved processes, Scovan provides solutions on a lump sum basis to maximize value for our clients.

New technologies:
Whatever your project, Scovan can play an integral role in its successful outcome. Our team specializes in identifying opportunities where you may see none and integrating powerful tools and new technologies to achieve tangible results. We actively support the research and design of new processes that could improve economics and reduce emissions and we are deeply involved with pilot tests of new technologies. Scovan’s teams have been involved with unique projects such as:

  • TAGD (thermal assisted gravity drainage) – using electricity to heat the reservoir
  • DRU (diluent recovery)
  • Gas cap repressurization
  • Commercial nitrogen generation

We are also implementing proven techniques used in other industries such as produced water treatment solutions, concrete buildings, wireless instruments and precast flooring systems to our oil and gas projects.

Our innovative approach to projects has resulted in direct and measurable improvements to our clients’ projects, including:

  • Implementing power cogeneration resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 90,000 Tonnes per year when compared to power generated by coal;
  • Incorporating the capability to recycle in excess of 97% of all produced water to make clean steam for ongoing operations;
  • Enhancing the operation of the evaporation process for produced water treatment by pretreating the water. This has resulted in over $2.5MM in yearly operating costs and a reduction in cleaning frequency by more than 20 times.



Scovan is a young, energetic company that performs with character and purpose on every project. We’re recognized as much for our enthusiastic approach as we are for our innovation and outstanding results.

One of our success stories is the Pengrowth Lindbergh Project, a 12,500 bbl/d SAGD facility located near Bonnyville / Cold Lake that was initiated in March, 2012. Scovan was involved with engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation support. We provided engineering for the CPF, three well pads, all of the gathering systems, LACT facilities and sales pipelines, fuel gas pipeline, and power cogeneration facilities. In December 2014 steam was injected into wells and within 8 months of start-up the facility had exceeded nameplate production by more than 25%.

The Lindbergh Project is a modular facility with evaporators, and packaged boilers and onsite power generation, with a prefabricated pipe cut rate of <0.5%. The project was completed on schedule and its on-stream reliability has been >98% after its first 8 months of operation. Scovan sourced all the equipment on behalf of our client and performed all of the equipment packaging designs in-house. The project was executed on a lump sum basis with no engineering change orders or trends over the three-year course of the project. The Lindbergh Project proved to be a momentous success and Scovan was awarded the second phase of the project with an aim to increase production to more than 30,000 bbl/d.




At Scovan, who we are, what we do and how we do it are defined by our values.

We are a young company with smart staff members who welcome growth opportunities and additional responsibilities. We have very low turnover for a number of reasons; a collaborative workplace where business direction and improvements are guided by staff through various committees; a flexible work schedule – after all, ours is a results-based environment, not a nine-to-five job; a staff designed benefits package including travel insurance, fitness reimbursements, savings plans, access to counsellors and health spending accounts.

We have developed a challenging, people-first culture, promoting innovative, strategic thinking and where collaboration and openness is evident in the way we communicate and operate. We offer mentorship programs and supply iPad technology for engineering staff to assist with work and communication. Scovan has a flat company structure and you won’t find titles on our business cards. In fact, we designed our company to have no organizational boundaries, so our teams are able to learn from each other and share skills and resources to achieve the optimum outcome for our clients.

Working at Scovan is for the best and the brightest, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to shine in our unique, inventive environment, we’d be happy to consider your application. Check for openings in our career section by clicking here.


Voice of Our Clients


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At Scovan, we believe our work speaks for itself. But don’t take our word for it – our clients say it better than we ever could. Watch the below videos and hear how we supported each of our clients’ values and project objectives.


For Osum Oil Sands Corp. we provided full EPCM services for the Taiga and Orion SAGD projects, which together represent production potential in excess of 55,000 barrels per day.

Rainmaker is a global business development market entry consultancy firm. Together we explored new opportunities to apply our expertise and skill sets from oil and gas projects to alternative sources of energy and power.

For U.S. Oil Sands Inc. we provided extensive work on the Extraction Facility. We designed, engineered, and procured the equipment for the addition of the Solvent Recovery System, an integral part of the feasibility and economics of the project.

Osum + Scovan

Osum / Scovan

Rainmaker + Scovan

Rainmaker / Scovan

U.S. Oil Sands + Scovan

U.S. Oil Sands / Scovan